Titanium Transportation Group Reserves 5 Tesla Semi Trucks

The transportation services company Titanium Transportation Group Inc has set deposits down plus pre-ordered five units of the newly unveiled. It appears worth keeping your eye on this process, though some readers may be getting tired of hearing about the coming in to your Tesla Semi Truck.

The business is reportedly anticipating that the new investment to the Tesla Semi Trucks will let it reduce net operating and maintenance costs to a “significant” scope, and so to offer a net-savings advantage over the long term concerning fleet operations.

That usually means that the offering must prove economic to some reasonable many operators, even before Tesla rolls out its own guaranteed megafast-charging network support system — that will allegedly length the US (and presumably other areas too).


Here’s an overview of the reservations taken to date — including the companies involved and the numbers:

Walmart: 15

Loblaw: 25

Ryder Systems: Unknown Number

DHL: 10

JK Moving Services: 4 (+5 More With Sleeping Cabs, When Ordering For Those Begins)

JB Hunt: “Multiple”

Fortigo Freight Services: 1

Meijer: “Several”

Titanium Transportation Group: 5

Total: While no exact figures are available as of yet, some estimates put the number of Tesla Semi Trucks reserved to date at greater than 200.

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